Md. Anas Molla - Public Figure.

Md Anas Molla is a Bangladeshi journalist, author and public figure.  He is currently the Executive Editor of the Daily Sotter Sokal and The Campus Magazine. He has been the Information and Technology Editor of the Mohanpur Press Club since 2020. He is also the Founder and CEO of the popular e-commerce platform Myth Bazar.

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Who is Md Anas Molla?

Md Anas Molla is the youngest magazine editor of Bangladesh.


Md Anas Molla has been involved in journalism since 2017.  He started his first job as an Upazila Correspondent in Daily Amar Bangla and later as the Executive Editor of that newspaper. He has been working as the Executive Editor of Daily Sotter Sokal since November 29, 2020. He is also working as the Information Technology Secretary of Mohanpur Upazila Press Club. Md Anas Molla also Founder & CEO of Myth Bazar.

He is the founding general secretary of Mohanpur Upazila Bangabandhu Chhatra Parishad.


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